Inheritance¬†has been the perfect opportunity for me to draw together and focus on a theme that resonates very strongly with my own personal experience. I spent many years living away from Norwich, and when I was finally able to return, I felt such a strong connection to the city and its textile history that it has formed the basis for much of my work over the last 10 years. Advances in technology and digitisation of archives has meant that access to family records is now easy. However, I come from a family of horders, and many of the original documents relating to our history or¬†my inheritance¬†have recently come to light. To feel the original documents and look closely at the passage of time on those papers, which have been treasured for many years, is to gain a sense of their preciousness, and, in turn the value of my family’s story, and how it is core to me today. My sense of self can be explored through these items, and I am working on several other pieces that will question identity, belonging, home and the notion of ‘Stranger’ – a Norwich reference, and one that is very relevant today as we, as a city, continue to welcome refugees to Norwich, and embrace the riches that they bring.