As a contemporary weaver, my past work was a narrative of the journey of the warp both through the loom and through the textile history of Norwich. The focus was the hidden presence of the cloth of the Strangers of Norwich, and through my passion for both the weaving process and historical resonance, I am created a body of work that reflects a story of travel under tension. Using weaving and photography I capture these pieces as a series of images that suggest movement upon release, yet are still. The use of traditional and new materials is also a key part of this reinvention; challenging the interpretation of the forgotten industry.

My current work is exploring the wider sense of weaving and in particular where this has happened in a random way – a crossing of paths, a web, a plant as its growth scrambles and interlocks with its neighbours. Winding and twisting and capturing moments of these crossovers, both physical aswell as philosophical and emotional, is underpinning my starting points.

This image is from a film of the rescue services salvaging precious icons from the rubble of the Basilica at Norcia that was largely destroyed by an earth quake in 2016. It was projected on to a medieval wall in the Museo Civico in Siena.